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by Mike on May 15, 2013


Popular Ottawa kitchen renovations include a fresh coat of paint, new cabinets, and even flooring.  What many do not realize is that one of the best ways to refresh the look of your kitchen is to consider changing up your countertops. Many people do not realize that this can not only help give your kitchen a more modern look, but can also create a higher purchasing price if you intend to put your property on the market in the near future. The big decision when considering new countertops is the style, colour, and most of all the type of material for the actual counter.

Granite as many know is one of the most expensive types of countertops. This reputation is well deserved and the expenses are justified due to the labour intensive process for installation. A natural stone, with very hard properties, granite comes in a variety of colours and offers an easy way to increase the purchasing price of your home. Certain buyers are looking for an exclusive luxury look, and granite provides exactly that. The only downside we can advise you of is the annual re-sealing required do keep moisture from deteriorating the stone. Luckily this process is relatively cheap but must be done on an annual basis to retain the value of the stone.


A common alternative to the expensive granite option that has arisen as of late is quartz. Also known as engineered stone, it is composed of many small coarse quartz stones mined in places like Brazil that are held together by a polymer type resin. Quartz is sometimes considered the most balanced option for those looking for a counter top material that is not too expensive, however will stand the test of time. It is incredibly durable, standing up to common kitchen spills, and does not require the annal sealing maintenance that granite does. If you are in the market for a granite look without the granite price, look no further than quartz or engineered stone.


A long time option for Ottawa kitchen renovators has been laminate. While this does not add value to a home in the traditional way such as granite or quartz, it is a great budget conscious option for those first time home owners.  The composition is based on particle board and a synthetic coating, so it is susceptible to warping from heat over time (for example from the heat from a dishwasher or oven). Laminate is popular due to its amazing variety of colours, and it can even be produced to mimic the style of granite and quartz. The maintenance is also almost nonexistent when compared to granite – there is no annual process required.


It is clear there is quite a selection of kitchen countertop materials and it can be quite overwhelming. However if you keep in mind the design elements of the kitchen, as well as your intention (re-sell and build value, or keep for yourself), you will not have such a hard time making your selection.  We can recommend strongly however, that you do the correct research to find the best Ottawa countertop contractor through either references or sites like Yelp or Google Places. 

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